How Installing CCTV Will Keep Your Property Safe

21Dec 2019

Quite often, CCTV is more associated with use within commercial buildings and public places, as opposed to on your own private property. However, there are lots of benefits to having CCTV installed at your home, especially around the ways it will help to keep your property safe and protected. Having CCTV means that your home, as well as your belongings, are monitored at all times. This helps to make you and your family feel more safe and secure. 

Here are a few ways installing CCTV will keep your property safe…


Everything is monitored

CCTV operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that everything in sight of the cameras are monitored constantly. Whether this is particular belongings, or simply just your front door. CCTV keeps everything in check and enables you to look at footage from any time if any belongings go missing or if there is anything you are suspicious about.


You can access the system from anywhere

Technology has now become very advanced, and this means that you are able to access your CCTV system from wherever you are in the world, generally via your mobile phone. Not only is this very convenient and simple to use, but it is ideal for when you are not at home. The times you are out of the property are arguably the times where it is most important to keep a check on everything and be aware of any suspicious activity. This easy access will enable you to view your CCTV system and look at any part of your property, whenever you would like. 


It’s a crime deterrent

Having CCTV is often a deterrent for antisocial or criminal behaviour. Anyone who has intention of breaking into your home or any sort of crime, will most likely be put off if they can see that they are being watched. Sometimes, people actually have dummy CCTV cameras fitted at their homes simply for this reason, so that it warns off any bad behaviour and stops people attempting to break into the house. 

Although CCTV tends to deter burglars, in the unfortunate event that somebody does attempt to break into your house – whether successful or not – you will have the footage of them and therefore be able to take further action and get them caught. 


You can check up on your property if alerted to do so

Home CCTV is even better if you have burglar alarms too. Nowadays, you can set it so that you will receive a notification to your phone if your burglar alarm goes off at home. This goes perfectly hand in hand with CCTV, as it means as soon as you receive an alert to your home and you are out of the house, you can immediately check CCTV footage of your house to see if there is anything unusual or antisocial happening. If the footage was to show someone attempting to break in for example, you could then alert the police, and you would also still have the footage as evidence.

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