Risk Assessments


Our experienced and qualified team can advise as to any remedial action that may be required by law, providing training where needed. Get in touch today to find out more about how Safe and Sound Fire Limited risk assessments can benefit your business.

The principles of risk assessment are not new; the management of health and safety regulations made it mandatory to carry out a risk assessment for premises with 5 or more employees. The fire precautions (workplace) regulations 1997 as amended 1999 gave guidance on how to take measures with the safety of persons from the risk of fire in premises, as did the fire precautions act 1971.

Although guiding principles about proper fire safety is just as relevant today. The guiding legal document for fire safety in Scotland is The Fire Scotland act 2005, The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, and The Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2006. A similar fire reform order is also in force in the rest of the United Kingdom

It is a legal duty for the employer, owner, user or person/ persons having control of all or part of the building or premises to carry out a risk assessment and take the necessary measures to protect all relevant (which includes visitors, workmen, etc) persons from the risk of fire in premises under their control. In small premises with few employees, this may be relatively easy to complete while bigger businesses and more complicated premises, it may be necessary to have or seek the advice of a competent person to achieve an acceptable level of fire safety in the premises.​

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