Staff Training

Knowing what to do

At Safe and Sound Fire Limited we will provide professional, affordable and enjoyable training courses for local businesses and organisations in meeting their legal responsibilities under current Fire Safety legislation.

We oversee that fire-prevention procedures are established in your workplace; fire suppression systems are inspected regularly and maintained; supervisors are trained to use fire extinguishers for incipient fires, and employees are trained to use evacuation routes and procedures. Supervisors are responsible for monitoring the use of flammable materials; training employees in safe storage, use and handling of flammables; and ensuring that storage area for flammables are adequately maintained. Employees are responsible for following company procedures for the secure storage, use and processing of flammable materials, and reporting violations of the XYZ Company fire prevention plan.


Supervisors and safety committees are responsible for work site inspections to ensure compliance with the company Fire Safety Program. These inspections should address housekeeping issues, proper storage of chemicals, access to fire extinguishers and emergency evacuation routes.

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