Fire Extinguishers in Glasgow & Edinburgh


Fire Extinguishers are required to be serviced Annually [or more if in a Hazardous Environment] In Compliance with: British Standard 5306 Part 3 (currently BS 5306- 3:2017) and in compliance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Safe and Sound Fire Limited: Service costs include all consumable service parts such as: [Safety pins, Safety clips, `O’-Rings, Chubb OK indicators, Gauge tests, labels, Anti-tamper seals, CO2 swivel horns, CO2 hose and horns for standard UK portable Fire Extinguishers].


Extended Service, Periodic Discharge Testing and Pressure Testing

In addition to basic annual maintenance, every five years, water, foam and Dry Powder Extinguishers require to be statutory discharge tested. Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers are required to be overhauled every 10 Years.

{Hydraulic Stretch Tested, Refurbished, fitted with a new valve and Refilled) these test must be carried out to comply with the above standard, and to make sure they actually work and are in good condition internally.

A single Service technician visit charge of £25.00 + vat will be added to each order.
Cost to service each Extinguisher is £9.00 + VatFire Blanket £1.50 + Vat Fire Hose Reels: £4.50 + Vat.

Water and Water Additive Every 12 Months Every 5 Years
Foam Extinguishers Every 12 Months Every 5 Years
Dry Powder Extinguishers Every 12 Months Every 5 Years
Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers Every 12 Months Every 10 Years
Wet Chemical Every 12 Months Every 5 Years

We shall Refill the Majority of Water and Foam Extinguishers on Site. Carbon Dioxide and Dry Powder Extinguishers are normally filled at our Workshop. The service technician will usually exchange these for ones that have been factory tested rather than discharge at your premises.

Please note that we tend to replace these with new as our price for new products is usually less than the cost to refill or test.

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