Types of Fire Signage and What They Are Used For

05May 2020

Fire safety is quite complex as there is so much to it. It is so important to ensure safety everywhere regarding fire, and therefore all bases have to be covered. Fire safety is built up of all different kinds of elements, and one of these is fire signage. The most common of these being fire exit signs, however there are several other types of signs you will find that are put in place in order to ensure complete safety. 

As this is such an important part of keeping safe in the event of a fire, we thought we would tell you about the different types of fire signage and what they are used for. 


Fire Exit

It is a legal requirement for all public places to have fire exit signs located throughout the building. This indicates to people where their nearest exit is, and is also always lit so that in the event of a fire it is still visible for people to see and find their way out to safety. It is essential to have fire exit signs in public places for the safety of everybody in there. 


Fire Door Keep Shut

This is another of the most common types of fire signage. These signs are in place to remind people to shut doors so that in the event of a fire, the spread is as minimal as possible. Therefore, these signs are incredibly important as they can save lives. You will usually find these used all throughout the building so that if any fire does occur, it should be contained to one room or area.


Fire Exit Keep Clear

A fire exit in any building must be kept clear at all times. This is why you will always find these signs on the back of fire exits, so that the exit is never blocked. In case of an emergency people need to be able to use the exit to get out of the building immediately, therefore it is a legal requirement that these exits are never blocked.


Fire Door Keep Locked

Similarly to the sign for fire exits being kept closed, it is important for fire doors to be locked so that they do not open themselves and therefore are secure and doing the right job. Furthermore, with most fire doors, they are designed to be fire resistant, therefore they can prevent a fire from spreading through.


Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear

Automatic fire doors must be kept clear at all times so that they are able to open and close when required to do so without any sort of interference. Again, this is something that must always be followed, as it could hinder the safety of people if the door is blocked and cannot operate properly. 


Automatic Fire Door Close at Night

In public places such as hotels for example, you will often see signs stating that the automatic fire doors should be closed at night. This is because there could be a delay in response if a fire happens during the night. Therefore, these automatic doors would be closed and prevent the fire from spreading and putting people in even more danger. 


This Fire Door Will Close Automatically When Fire Alarm Sounds

Some automatic fire doors are synced up with the alarm system so that when the fire alarm sounds, the fire doors close automatically. This helps to keep it safe and minimise the spread. The sign is important to have as it warns people in the building. 

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