What to Do if There is a Fire in the Workplace

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25Oct 2020

Though being caught in a fire is something we never imagine will happen to us, nor something we ever want to think about, it is vitally important that you know how to act and what the correct safety measures and precautions are should this ever happen. Knowing what to do in the event of a fire could save your life as well as others. 

A fire can occur at any time and in any environment. Therefore, fire safety can vary from one setting to another. For example, the precautions you take may differ slightly from having a fire at home, to if you were in the workplace. 

In this blog we wanted to focus on safety tips and precautions that you should follow and adhere to in the event of a fire in the workplace. Fires can’t always be prevented, so here’s what you should do if you notice a fire start in your place of work.


  1. Raise an alarm

The amount of people in a workplace varies from one place to another. It is paramount that if you notice a fire in the workplace, no matter how big or small, you raise the alarm so that everybody in the building is aware and can evacuate safely. Fires can spread incredibly quickly, so it is important to raise the alarm as soon as you possibly can. Raising the alarm is the first thing you should do if there is a fire in the workplace.


  1. Call for help

After you have raised the alarm internally, you should call 999 for help. Unless the fire is very small and manageable and you have somebody around that is trained to use a fire extinguisher and put it out, you should call the emergency fire service and alert them immediately so that they can come and put it out safely.


  1. Evacuate via the nearest fire exit

It is a universal rule that in the event of a fire you should evacuate via the nearest fire exit. In the workplace you should know which fire exit is your closest, and where the next one is if this is blocked by the fire. After raising the alarm you should evacuate carefully, calmly and safely. If the fire and smoke is bad, you should crawl along the ground as the oxygen will be cleaner lower down. 

You should never stop to collect any personal belongings when evacuating during a fire. This can take up valuable time in your evacuation and can be very dangerous. Furthermore, you should never use the lift in a fire, as this could break and therefore trap you in the building. As well as this, you should try to keep fire doors shut as you pass through the building as this helps to contain the fire and stop or slow down the spread.


  1. Stay calm

Although it is easy to become alarmed and panicked in a fire, you should do your best to stay calm. If you panic this may hinder your exit and you need to get out of the building as safely and calmly as you possibly can. Remaining calm will help you to do this. 


  1. Meet at your fire assembly point

Once you have evacuated the workplace, you should meet at your designated fire assembly point. This will be in a safe area away from the building and will enable you to do a headcount of your staff and ensure that everybody is there. You should not re-enter the building under any circumstances, if you realise anybody is missing you should make the firemen aware of this so that they can try and get them out of the building safely.

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